Are these actual Leonardo Da Vinci drawings?

No. These are all original works of art, meticulously created down to the smallest detail, in order to emulate as closely as possible the look and the feel of  Da Vinci's own work.

Why is there writing on the images? 

Leonardo Da Vinci often wrote on his drawings, making notations and jotting down his thoughts. For ease of understanding, we offer images with the writing in English. The writing describes each breed. It might describe temperament, history of the breed or little known facts. 

What is the "Framed Mock-Up"?

This is just to give a sense of how the framed piece will look.  Because it is photo-shopped and not an actual photo of the piece, it looks a bit like a framed poster. But this is not a poster. The actual piece you will receive is a beautiful, museum quality Giclee print, on heavy-weight, archival paper, using archival ink. The paper is hand-deckled to give it an aged feel. The print is framed on a double matte, floating the print so you can see the edge of the paper. You can see the type of paper and framing when you click on the other images on the page. Our quality framing also offers UVA protection.

What is a “Giclee” print?

The Giclee print is an advancement in printmaking technology, using high resolution digital scans and printing with fade-resistant, archival quality inks. Giclee printing provides better color accuracy than other types of reproduction, with the image having all the tonalities and hues of the original work of art. The Giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.

What does “deckled edge” mean?

Deckled means that the edges of the paper are rough instead of smooth. In this case they are intentionally torn, giving a more authentic and aged feeling to the paper. At Leonardo’s Dogs, this process is done by hand. On the framed pieces, we “float” the image so as to show the raw edges.

The breed I want isn’t shown. Are other breeds of dogs, cats and horses coming?

Yes. We are adding more breeds as quickly as we can. Visit us at www.facebook.com/leonardosdogs and let us know what breeds you’d like to see next! We will do our best to accommodate the most popular choices.

Will you do custom art of my own pet?

We will do a custom image of any animal you like. We can do other images as well - your beloved antique car, your favorite boat, a beautiful orchid you cultivated... all in the style of Da Vinci. You submit photographs and the desired text, and we take it from there. Please contact us at info@leonardosdogs.com for information on our custom orders.

I’d like a bigger (or smaller) image. Do you do custom sizes?

Yes. As part of our custom orders, we can make the images almost any size. Please contact us for information at info@leonardosdogs.com

When should I expect my order delivered?

Everything is made to order, so please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. The marble items can take up to 4-5 weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Why are the images all different colors?

Da Vinci 's drawings come in many colors, which only added to the beauty and uniqueness of his work. Below are just a few examples. It would be a lot easier for us to print all images the same color, but in our constant desire to be as authentic as possible, we spend a great deal of time striving to come as close as possible to the colors of paper and ink that he actually used.